The Secret Group Presents


Ages 18+
We are back! Bringing you all the Jamz! 18+ $10 21+ free before 11

The following new precautions are going to be in effect to protect our staff and patrons:

Temperatures will be taken at the front door via forehead thermometer. Anyone with a fever will be denied entry.

* If you are sick we ask that you please stay home

Every patron will need to have a face mask on their person to enter the bar.

*Disposable masks will be available for purchase at the door for $1.

All drink orders must be made while wearing a face mask. We ask that patrons wear face masks whenever possible.

Comedy shows will be held with socially distanced seating. Ushers will bring parties to their tables and we’ll ask that groups leave one at a time so as not to crowd the exit on their way out. Table service will be provided during these shows so you can maintain a social distance from other patrons and enjoy the show.


Cash will be accepted for the time being but credit is preferred.

Patrons will be expected to insert their card into a chip reader, sign their receipt and then drop the receipt and the provided pen into a jar. Pens won’t be reused without being sanitized. This will ensure that nothing touched by patrons will be touched by our bartenders minimizing chances of cross contamination.

We understand the concerns and anxiety people feel surrounding the virus, the economy reopening, or remaining closed. We’ve evaluated our position and have decided to open with these new safety measures in order to provide an enjoyable experience for our patrons now and secure our ability to continue doing so in the future. We respect anyone who decides to stay home and hope to see you when this is all over.

Venue Information:
The Secret Group
2101 Polk
Houston, TX, 77003