Neo Benshi
Presented by The Secret Group

Neo Benshi

Ages 18+
Performers dub over short films of their choice. Hilarity ensues.

NeoBenshi Collective Presents...

NEO BENSHI at The Secret Group

8pm Tuesday, March 3rd | 2101 Polk St. $5.00


#NeoBenshi is a #Houston live media show. We perform original scripts w/ video clips.



During the silent film era in #Japan (1920's, 1930's), the #benshi performers stood to the side of the movie screen and introduced and related the story to the audience. In theatrical style, benshi often spoke for the characters on-screen and played multiple roles. Stemming from the traditions of #kabuki and #Noh theaters, the benshi’s narration and general commentary were an important part of the Japanese silent film experience. The benshi would also provide translation for foreign (mostly American) movies.

So what the hell are we doing here?! Taking that long-honored tradition and getting weird with it. Teams of two (give or take) will reinterpret clips of varying mediums and (hopefully) entertain you!

Venue Information:
The Secret Group
2101 Polk
Houston, TX, 77003